Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Night 16- Nothing Much...

15 mosques down, all from the suburbs. There's got to be a few more around here before I start trekking to the city. I sat thinking for a while where I can go tonight with a limited amount of gasoline left in my car and finally decided to attend the American Islamic Association mosque in Frankfurt, IL. It was a pretty simple night- no interesting encounters, no unique individuals. Maybe because it is the middle of Ramadan and the "first week fervor" sadly died out in mosque attendance. Just a relatively calm night of ibadah. This mosque was built on a wooded lot a few years ago serving the community in the far southern suburbs of Chicago consisting of a few classrooms, banquet facility, and the main prayer hall. It's one of the fewer ones that I noticed that did not have a completely separate women's hall as most newly constructed ones do, but instead the few last rows reserved off for ladies.

Another different thing, maybe a design flaw, was that there was no bathroom or wudu space on the main floor. It was downstairs by the banquet hall. It didn't seem all that convenient but that's just my opinion. Tarawih was alright, no elaborate qirat, but the Imam still got the job done either way. Other than that, I actually don't have much to comment on... sorry to dissappoint! Although the chandelier was quite nice and the mural above it reminded me constantly of Ashyana Banquets.


  1. spectacular views(MASJIDS)...still following you from way down Ghana, in fact just love your write ups. maa'shaa Allah we hope to follow suit some years to come. I ask Allah(swt) to teach us from the Qu'raan that we do not know and to help us remember that which we've have forgotten.

  2. Ameen brother Kwadwo! Glad you went out to AIA, it is a pretty serene spot.

  3. Ameen, Kwadwo!

    It will be great if people around the world join in this. I think a few people in Malaysia are doing so as well. I just posted my night 17 blog, enjoy!