Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A little late, but here nonetheless

Asalam Alaikum, Peace be with you, Hello!

After much self debate and remarkable support from family and friends, I have finally decided to try my best and document a new challenge I made for myself known as the 30/30 challenge in which I plan to attend 30 different masjids in the Chicago land area for Isha Salat (night prayer) and Tarawih (the special prayers specific to the Islamic holy month of Ramadan) this month.

I initially got this idea from two brothers, Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq, who began a Ramadan road trip in 2010 known as 30 Mosques 30 States, in which they covered 30 masjids across the United States in only 1 month. Having some extra time these days, but not much extra money to cover expenses of a 30 state tour, I decided to  have a micro take on this challenge and keep to Chicago.

Although I'm starting this after a third of Ramadan is over, I can hopefully still share my experience with you, Insha Allah. For now I am starting with Night 10 and will get around to posting about nights 1-9 soon!


  1. As-Salaam, ma' bro.
    Kwadwo here, following you from Ghana. Alhamdulillah, want to enter into this trend of Da'wah, still taking clues from you guys nd hope In shaa Allah some years to come start spreading islam on this notes in our small way...may Allah(swt) guide us through!

  2. Walaikum Asalaam Kwadwo,
    It's great that you want to do this too. I wish I could do this on a larger scale and more effective manner which could benefit both Muslims and non-Muslims. May Allah (SWT) bless your efforts in Ghana!